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InfoDrive Security

InfoDrive is the only portable biometric USB device that utilizies proprietary software applications to store all your vital personal/family health information, important documents, and asset inventory records with images.  Our device secures access to all this sensitive data with state of the art fingerprint recognition scan technology.

Unmatched Quality

Manufactured with durable lightweight polymers that make wearing the device attached to a necklace extremely comfort or you might choose to add it to your keychain without any noticeable additional weight and bulk.

InfoDrive's internal storage technology is sourced from one of the world's leading digital memory providers.

Our USB components are created with only very high-end metals and electronics to provide you with years of reliable service.  InfoDrive is a USB 2.0 device

Information for Life's Emergencies At The Ready

All it takes is a single swipe of your Fingertip and then your Emergency Contact Information, your Current Medical Conditions such as Diabetes or History of Heart Issues, and a list of Current Medications becomes immediately visible to First Responders and Emergency Care Facility Personnel

Customer Friendly Pricing

InfoDrive is more feature rich than other devices currently available to consumers at almost half the price and many of them also require a $20+ monthly service/membership fee.

InfoDrive is available via this offical web site for only $69.95 and with No Monthly Fees.  It is important to us to manage our business efficiently to keep our pricing "Customer Friendly".  We strive to earn your referral business.

Your online purchase is securely processed and shipped by our valued partner Amazon Fulfillment Services.  Order your InfoDrive today!

Conveniently Portable

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Imagine all your Life's Vital Information stored on an extremely light-weight device that you can keep in your pocket, purse, on a necklace or a keychain.  Take it with you wherever you go.  Don't become ill during a leisure or business trip and not have this hard-to-remember information with you. 

Great Documentation

In addition to a comprehensive Owner's Guide document in MS Word format, available in the Members section of this website, you also receive a printed, easy to understand Quick Start Guide inside the InfoDrive product packaging.

Save Time and Aggravation

From any PC, you can print out a PDF document of your (or any family member) health history and take it with you to that next "new doctor" appointment.  Goodbye clipboard!

Always Be Prepared

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If you are serious about being prepared for your next Life Emergency event - accident, lost passport, tornado damage - please consider obtaining your own InfoDrive and perhaps a second one to give as thoughful and valued gift.

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